Why is it important for nursing students to have a White Coat Ceremony?

Each month, our nursing student bloggers answer a question about their experience in learning to be caring, humanistic nurses.  This month’s question was: “Why do you think it’s important to […]

Meet our Nursing Student Bloggers!

How do nursing students develop professional identity and become caring, humanistic nurses? How do their learning experiences inside the classroom and beyond help to shape this identity? We have recruited […]

“Vital Conversations” by Dennis Rosen

Review by Liza Pine “It is the province of knowledge to speak, and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, American physician, 1809-1894.  So begins […]

Emerging from recent misfortune

by Lakshman Swamy, MD, MBA As I am more and more immersed in the world of clinical medicine, I’m shocked at how quickly we can lose ourselves and the patients […]

Facial emotion workout video helps patients and physicians alike

by David V. Forrest, MD The ability to read and reflect back facial emotion is the most basic skill of communicating empathy. This crucial skill allows health professionals to let patients […]

Humanism in Medicine Research Roundup – October 2014

This post is part of our series of Research Roundups — a list of recently published studies on humanism in medicine. If you would like to be notified each time a Research […]

Literature and addiction: Can stories combat stigma?

by Katie Grogan and Erin Zerbo U.S. medical education on the topic of addiction is highly inconsistent, with limited data to support the efficacy of one educational approach over another. […]

Forgiving ourselves for being human: Normalizing the isolating experience of adverse events

by Jo Shapiro, MD Practicing medicine can be both deeply satisfying and, at times, extraordinarily challenging. As physicians we tend to be perfectionists, holding expectations for ourselves that seem entirely […]

Highlights of the 2014 GHHS Biennial

The 2014 Gold Humanism Honor Society Biennial took place October 9-11, 2014 in Atlanta.  Selected tweets from the event are shown below. We will be adding presentation slides and PDFs of […]

ERAS medical residency application to include GHHS identifier

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation (APGF) learned late on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 that the petition submitted to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) requesting the addition of a […]