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Gold Foundation Programs

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Programs & Grants

“Helping patients anticipate and cope with the predictable
challenges of illness is as important as diagnosing and dosing.”
- Dan Shapiro, Gold Foundation Professor

The science of medicine is advancing at breathtaking speed. But when we or someone we love are confronting illness, we need more than the latest technology. We need doctors who are empathic and effective communicators – humanistic doctors who provide high tech medicine AND understand the nature of human suffering and the critical importance of the doctor-patient relationship.

Our vision is a healthcare system peopled with such humane caregivers. To achieve that vision, The Gold Foundation offers opportunities for medical students, residents and faculty to explore new ideas and approaches and to develop meaningful ways to connect to patients and their families.

Gold Foundation Program Strategies

  • Setting Expectations; Instilling Values

Creating rituals centered on oath-taking

White Coat Ceremony

Student Clinician's Ceremony

  • Recognizing Excellence; Promoting Role Models

Awards to highlight the value and significance of humanism

Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Awards

Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Awards

Gold Humanism Honor Society

Gold Foundation Professorships

  • Providing Life-Changing Experiences; Understanding the Patient Perspective

Formative experiential and service learning where trainees have the opportunity to learn and understand the patient perspective and reflect on the role of caregiver.

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Student Projects and Student Summer Fellowships

  • Support for Curricula Development

Courses that teach topics such as patient perspective, reflection and reflective practice, empathic communication skills and cultural competency.

  • Research

The Foundation initiates and supports research that explores the ways in which humanistic skills and attitudes are best achieved and sustained.

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